Clint Im - Chief Executive Officer

Clint Im

Chief Executive Officer

Clint started a cannabis vape company called “Select Strains” in 2015, it quickly became the top selling cannabis company in Oregon.

After achieving top market sales in only 9 months and having a Volume Per Outlet 4.7% market share with only two products in 130 dispensaries, Select Strains sold to a wholesale distribution group in Oregon.

At the time that Select Strains sold it was the #1 vape company (and currently still holding the spot in Oregon, California, and Nevada).

Afterwards he partnered up with a venture capital group where he helped raise funding, assisted in mergers and acquisitions, and managed operations in 7 startup companies underneath the investment portfolio. He was also an owner of a medical device company that built super-critical extraction machines, a cannabis grow operation and a branded portfolio consisting of 4 consumer retail brands.

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Carly Randall - Regional Manager

Carly Randall

After completing a bachelor's degree in Biology from Central Michigan University, Carly soon became Vice President of a growing finance company in downtown Portland.

As the VP and partner at Alliance Investment Group, she started out her career building the company operations for sales personnel. She worked as the point person for new business contracts and helped expand the book of business by 3x in her tenure. Her passion and drive for building businesses is key in taking on the challenges involved in new markets.

In her free time she also volunteers to train service dogs for people with disabilities, and works as a Behavioral Technician for kids with Autism.

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