Infused Water

Our Relief Brand Infused Water is formulated using Nanotechnology, with magnesium and potassium to balance pH, ensuring maximum hydration, absorption, and wellness. These nano sized hemp particles are extracted from organic hemp and infused into our 7-phase, ultra purified water.

This process enables nutrients the highest degree of bio-availability for cells, giving the body immediate access to their benefits, resulting in a nano-amplified effect. As a result, they are immediately available to be absorbed, avoiding the lengthy breakdown process of macro-nutrients (up to 10 times more effective than ingesting macro sized nutrient particles).

When consuming hemp extracts, up to 90% of the hemp nutrients are normally lost to the bodies’ digestive system. Using Nano Amplification, the hemp nutrients go directly into your cells to benefit you immediately. Nano sized particle delivery is the most effective and immediate way to introduce nutrients into the body.