CBD vs Insomnia

28th Aug , 2018

CBD Oil is a cannabinoid that’s available in supplement oil form, and has a number of possible uses, including help with stress and anxiety, pain, and sleep problems. Unlike medical cannabis, CBD is legal in all 50 states. Even if you live in a state where medical cannabis is currently not legal, you can still purchase and use CBD.

Insomnia – A thing of the past 

Insomnia is a health condition which has victimized quite a lot of people to date. People with insomnia find difficulty in getting a sound sleep, though this condition can now be treated with ease by seeking assistance from CBD OilImagine waking up in the morning feeling rested and awake. With small to medium doses of CBD oil over a period of time, insomnia would be completely eradicated, all thanks to this supplement.


Study Results: 

A 2016 study evaluated the effects of CBD on a 10 year old girl with pediatric anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. “Pharmaceutical medications provided partial relief, but results were not long-lasting, and there were major side effects. A trial of CBD oil resulted in a maintained decrease in anxiety and a steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the patient's sleep. CBD oil, an increasingly popular treatment of anxiety and sleep issues, has been documented as being an effective alternative to pharmaceutical medications. This case study provides clinical data that support the use of CBD oil as a safe treatment for reducing anxiety and improving sleep in a young girl with post traumatic stress disorder.” - http://europepmc.org/abstract/MED/27768570